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Text "TIP170" and message CRIMES (274637)
Dial 204-786-8477 to call-in an anonymous tip
(Long distance callers dial 1-800-222-8477)


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How It Works
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How Is Crime Stoppers Funded?
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A Successful Program That Offers Cash Rewards & Insures Anonymity
Winnipeg Crime Stoppers is a community based program.  The program is operated by a volunteer board of directors comprised of people from the business community.  It’s really a partnership between the public, the Police, and the Media.  Each play a fundamental role that makes the program extremely successful.


How It Works
Winnipeg Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards for information leading to the solution of an unsolved crime.  Awards are also offered for information leading the arrest of individuals  for criminal offences, the recovery of stolen property, or the seizure of narcotics.

If you have information, call our secure TIPS line at 204-786-8477 (786-TIPS) or click on the “Submit A New Tip” button to use WebTips for further information.  If you’re calling from out of town, you may also telephone us toll free at 1-800-222-8477. The Tips line is in operation from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday to Friday.  You can submit a tip online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Both telephone and internet methods are completely secure.  Specially assigned experienced officers “on loan” to the program take your information.  When contacting Crime Stoppers, they never want you to provide you name or identify yourself.  We don not subscribe to any form of call display or call trace and it is never recorded.

Each caller is given a tip number, which is used in all subsequent transactions, thus ensuring anonymity.  Tips are passed on to authorities, such as investigating officers.  No one will ever know who the informant is.  You remain secret!  Authorities cannot access our files or your identity.  The identity of people submitting tips to Crime Stoppers has been protected by the Supreme Court of Canada (see: Anonymity – It’s The Law).

Winnipeg Crime Stoppers highlights certain cases in newspapers, on TV, radio and this website.  (See: Wanted).

Crime Stoppers is a cooperative program between the local media, citizens and the police designed to involve the public in the fight against crime.  Winnipeg media provides us with free exposure to you to help solve these crimes.  Crime Stoppers is based on the principal that for every crime committed, someone other than the criminal has information that can lead to the solution of the crime.

If your tip is helpful, you are eligible to receive an award up to $2000 cash!  All awards are paid out issuing a system designed to maintain your anonymity.


How Can You Help
Crime Stoppers provides citizens with the opportunity to ANONYMOUSLY supply the police with information regarding a crime they may have knowingly or unknowingly witnessed, or a crime or potential crime of which they may have knowledge.

Cash awards are offered to persons who contact the program with information which leads to the solution of a crime.

Crime can happen anywhere – on the streets, in business, schools, homes in any area of the city, even in your neighbourhood.  Fortunately criminals can be caught, crimes can be solved, justice can win – and it does all the time, when you help. Crime Stoppers record of successes proves it.  Plus we pay for information helping to solve a case or find a criminal.  Call us or send a WebTips when you have information.  Helping Crime Stoppers results in a safer place for everyone!


Who Administers The Crime Stoppers Program?
A civilian Board of Directors actively guides the program.  Winnipeg Crime Stoppers  is responsible for raising funds, setting policy and procedures and disbursing awards on a routine basis.


Be A Part Of The Success
Winnipeg Crime Stoppers is regularly recognized by receiving international awards for our efficiency and results.  Thanks to the support of our partners and all Winnipeggers, the program is one of the most successful crime stoppers programs in the world today.

All of out efforts are only as good as your participation.  Be a Crime Stopper.  Fight crime by reporting information on crime.  Call us or submit a tip online.  It’s 100% anonymous and IT PAYS!


How Is Crime Stoppers Funded?
Winnipeg Crime Stoppers is a community program and is operated by a volunteer Board made up of people from the business community.

Winnipeg Crime Stoppers raises funds through special events and campaigns every year.  It is a community project endorsed by the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and supported by donations from individuals, businesses, retailers, clubs, and organizations, civic and social groups and by members of the Board.

It is a registered charity.


Donations To Winnipeg Crime Stoppers Are Tax Deductible!

• Crime Stoppers pays cash for information on ANY unsolved crime
• Contacts never have to reveal their identity
• The contact will never be traced or recorded
• Contact anonymity is protected by law
• Crime Stoppers is an alternative for those who do not want to be involved on the judicial system
• Anonymity protects contacts from retaliation

Click HERE to view a printable copy of our mail-in donations form

Winnipeg Crime Stoppers is a member in good standing of Canadian Crime Stoppers Association and Crime Stoppers International.